Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking Gluten-Free on the Road

I'm in the routine of gluten-free eating and cooking at home, but taking the gluten-free lifestyle on the road is a tremendous challenge. I stocked up on gluten-free snacks (organic rice cakes, Food Should Taste Good chips, and some nuts for protein), but so far I have struggled to find food at most restaurants where we've stopped. Perhaps I just haven't learned the ropes, but I have found it to be nearly impossible to eat at restaurants on this trip. Fast food places are particularly bad. I don't think I ever realized the obsession we have in America with breaded food until I was looking for gluten-free options on a fast food menu. Thank goodness we found a grocery store so that I could buy some foods that I knew were safe.

Continental breakfast at a hotel is pretty much a nightmare. I've made a mental note to remember that one. Even the items that appear to be wheat free (eggs, sausage, bacon, etc) are dangerously close to items containing wheat. As I stood back and watched other people getting their food, I realized I couldn't trust any of the utensils because people were using them on biscuits and then putting them back in the eggs. The oatmeal packets were by Quaker oats, and I've heard that Quaker does not insure that their oats are un-contaminated. I ended up having my wonderful husband take me to the grocery store so that I could feed myself. I was super hungry by the time I finally ate!

Most restaurants offer a salad option that would work out OK, as long as you leave off the croutons. Last night I had a philly cheesesteak (sauteed green peppers and onions) and had them make it without the bun. That was actually really excellent, and several people at my table were jealous because my food looked better than theirs!

Do you have any tips to share about eating gluten-free on the road? What things do you pack with you when you travel?


  1. Have you seen this website?: Lists by state of local products and restaurants that offer GF items or can accomodate GF requests (although I realize "accomodation" could be an iffy thing).

  2. o.O !!!! I hadn't seen that before, but I'm all over it now! Thanks, Jesse! I did a really bad thing yesterday. We stopped by Runza (a Nebraska thing that I grew up loving and just can't stop craving) and decided "Oh, what's one Runza?" I am SO paying for that decision today! It isn't just a stomach issue, I feel all depressed and lethargic. Gah. I wish Runza made something GF for folks like me!