Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomorrow's the Day...and Other Novel Thoughts

I apologize for such a lengthy absence from blogging. As usual for me, fall weather approached and my body rejoiced by getting sick. Everyone in my house has a lousy cold, but I think I am finally on the mend. Just in time too! Book signing at Merry Bee's in Hampton is tomorrow from 1-3. Stop by to get a signed copy of Seeking Solace, and be sure to check out Delbert Beard's book Daddy, as well. Merry Bee's is a wonderful place to sit and relax with family or friends over a cup of coffee, or a bowl of their delicious soup. My favorite is the Cheesy Potato, but you can't go wrong with any selections you make there. No one asked me to make a plug for them. I just can't help it! :)

In addition to making a stop in Hampton for a book signing, I am busy writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo , as it is called, is a thirty-day scramble to write the rough draft of a fiction novel. Aspiring writers agree to check their internal editors at the door in order to allow creativity to roam freely. This year I am taking a break from the Older Series to write a piece of realistic fiction. I am hoping that a break will reinvigorate me so that I can leap back into editing book 2 of the Older Series - tentatively titled Walking in Darkness. The only thing I can tell you about book 2 is what my husband said after reading an early draft: "It is definitely book 2...I am waiting for book 3 to help me see what is going to happen!" But for now, I will content myself with a steaming cup of chai, a book-signing event tomorrow, and roughly hewn words of a piece of realistic fiction.

What does this November day hold for you?


  1. Hey April...I'm reading this late, and happy to know you are writing again.
    I am still not writing a novel--working on a musical, and getting a Christmas caroling group in order in time for next month while visiting family and friends in the Midwest is about all I can handle.
    But one day I hope to be just like YOU. :)

  2. Hi, Betsi! Glad you are reading my blog! :) I think it is amazing that you are writing a musical! I, for one, really enjoyed Original Sun!