Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creating a place to write

Up until this point I've been writing wherever I can find room in my house. I would haul my little netbook over to the couch, to the kitchen table, or even to a spot on the floor when I would want to write. That has not been working for me at all. So, I started rearranging my furniture.

I moved the diaper changing table since I don't use it anyway and put a small, simple desk in its place. After adding a couple of fabric embellishments, I think it is usable. I still plan to add a nice picture to the wall, or maybe a decorative bulletin board. Slowly but surely I am making a place for myself in this massive house.

So, that leads me to a few questions. Where do you write? Why do you write there? If you are not a writer, where do you go to do your creative work? Is the space in which you work important to you?

Here's a picture of my simple, small desk:

1 comment:

  1. I usually write either at the computer, or in an armchair/couch in a notebook or notepad. I don't usually feel comfortable hunched over a desk writing things longhand. :)