Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Book 2 in the Older Series

Book 2 has been written and exists in a very rough form at this point. I have begun the editing process, but this time the process will be much more involved than it was with Seeking Solace. I've learned some mistakes I made with that novel and hope not to repeat them this time around!

Little glimmers of what book 2 is like:
The feel of this novel is quite different from Seeking Solace.
Many characters are the same, but new ones will also make an appearance.
One very early read-through reveals a darker, more complex work - afterall, it is book 2!
I want to say so much more, but I dare not give anything away!

Unfortunately, editing is on hold for about 6 weeks, and then things will speed up considerably. I take a break every November to do some writing. This year will be the same. Check out and plan to write a novel this November as well! I will NOT be writing book 3 of the Older Series this November, though book 3 will certainly be written at some point in the near future. Instead I will begin working on a work of more realistic fiction. It will be a stretch for me, and we'll see if this piece of writing will ever be suitable for human eyes (well, other than my own!).

If you've read Seeking Solace, what are you looking forward to in a book 2? Any characters you hope to hear more from, or things you hope to have expounded on? Any burning questions you need answered?

If you haven't read it, why not give it a shot? :) Check out the link under the tab above - April's Work.


  1. Traci - I just know you will love it!

  2. Can I read a rough copy? I could give some feedback.

  3. John - that would be great! I will let you know when I get to that point!